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Our goal is to empower investors and help them to achieve their goals by tapping into a powerful network, using sophisticated due diligence and high-level intel, to provide them with the knowledge
to invest smarter.

Whether you are a sophisticated investor, or just learning to navigate your way through the opportunities, we are here to help. We make the connections you need in order to make the right decisions for your portfolio.

We accomplish through experience, due diligence and the creation of networking and social events that insure you are meeting people with similar goals and aspirations.

We make the introductions and help you create a network that will allow you to maximize your effort and investment.

If you’re looking for investors, we are here for you too. Send us your business plan for review. All communications are covered by our NDA.

Our Expertise

We focus in on the following services for our membership. We have a rich history in areas of investment,
guiding new investors, and creating events that put investors and opportunities together.

Junior Mining

Golden Opportunities. Exploration of nature’s wealth on the trail of high grade. Junior mining stocks have strong profit potential, and they also entail higher risk than more established mining companies; for several reasons that we help you uncover.

Life Sciences

The IPO market here is on our radar. The healthcare system we know today is changing dramatically with widespread genome sequencing, digital record keeping, and artificial intelligence. We are also watching biopharmaceuticals, medical manufacturing and distribution, and bio products.


Tech Domination. No longer can we humans live without technology. Many investors look at this tech-fuelled market rally with a growing concern that boils down to one thing – valuation. At Millionaires Club, hunting season is always open for unicorns.


The significance of current affairs, and even pop culture where the masses power trends. Sectors include Industrial, Communications, Consumer Discretionary and Consumer Staples. Members have been digging deep into everything considered “Alternative in today’s society.”

New to Investing

Regardless of your current net worth, we believe anyone can achieve accredited status with clear insights. MC helps you get started with referrals to investment advisors, setting up an online trading account and direct contact with C-level executives and investors.


Enjoy first-class privileges at anticipated events around the world. Such as; the Royal Ascot in a private enclosed garden, the Miami Beach Polo World Cup, the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, the Grand Prix on a superyacht and winter in St. Mortiz for the White Turf horse racing.

Our Strategy

Here is how we connect you with a network of individuals you need to achieve your goals.

1 on 1 With
Investor C-Suite

Video conference calls and in-person introductions to insure you grow the right relationships for you and your business goals.

Real Time
Virtual Tours

From site visits to office introductions, we'll put you there with virtual tours. Experience operations and opportunities in real time.

Exclusive Opportunities

We create relationships with accredited investors. All relationships are built on trust and we start with the basics to insure all the relationships we promote are positive ones.

The Millionaires Club is…

Thinking 2020

Our Story

The Millionaires Club experience pivots around our membership community for Accredited Investors and those serious about achieving this status to navigate the hurdles and opportunities in the stock market and their professional and personal lives. MC leads with the Old Boys Club approach for wealth creation success that focuses on leveraging your network for knowledge to power wealth. Central to this is the genuine relationships we curate for members with executives of publicly traded companies. MC facilitates members’ to connect directly with C-Levels on an ongoing basis to gain instant insights straight from the source. Members are not obliged to invest in the same deals; the sole focus is on deepening relationships to share collective intelligence to enhance each other’s personal and professional lives with a strong stock portfolio.

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From upcoming IPO/RTO financing opportunities to buying in the market, get the real story behind the deals. Our organization of over 50,000 global members is an inspiring network of real relationships between the four generations. Our members are increasing with older Gen Z’s and Millennials (thanks to growing popularity of trading platforms like Robinhood), with women as the largest, fastest-growing membership joining the Gen Xers and Boomers in buying stocks. Keeping it old school, everything starts with phone calls, video chats to meeting in person at intimate marquees at world renowned events. Wealth earned, preserved, and cultivated over generations is a path new money is trying to follow. Old money wants to emulate the edgy investment style of the nouveau riche. Millionaires Club is a blended family of knowledge, power and billions in personal assets.

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Our Strategy

Millionaire Women

Wealth Gender Equalizer. Escalating practices and tools to give women the knowledge to achieve wealth. Virtual round table for women by women to collaborate, support, and foster personal net worth growth.

Our simple process is to connect and share collective intelligence by engaging women in financial conversations that increase financial knowledge to power wealth.

Our members see money holistically, impacting health, families, and lifestyle and embrace gaining finance perspectives for sustainability and responsibility.

Socially responsible investments and understanding the life cycle of the business model, what they do and how they do it.

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Our Strategy

Millionaire LGBTQ+

Millionaires Club is rich in diversity and culture. A safe space to be your authentic self while engaging in investing/financial conversations. Members are advocates in the LGBTQ community who empower discussions around Canadian small-cap stock investing and increasing personal net worth.
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Get the very latest news on companies, investors, opportunities and more.

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